naranhi anjeun jadongcha sogeseon eumakdo heureuji anha
neul japgo itdeon ni oensoneuro neo ipsulman tteutgo isseo

niga hal mal ara geu malmaneun mara
Don’t know why Don’t know why ilbun ilcho deo kkeulgo sipeunde
teong bin gil nareul jaechokhae

bingbing doraon neoui jip api na iksukhae nunmuri nawa
haruga meolge chajaon yeogiseo gireul naega irheun geot gata

ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
Don’t know why Don’t know why bido an oneun yurichang neomeo
ppuyeoke meoreojineun neo

malcheoreom swipjin anheun neol bonaeya handaneun il
doraseoseo nal beorigo ganeun neol boji motago tteolgugo maneun
nunmuldo ijen dakkayagetji jumeoni sok niga jwotdeon sonsugeoneul sseoya hal ji ijen beoryeoya halji
wae tteollimi meomchujil anchi

michincheokhago neol jaba boryeo haedo nae momi nae mareul jal deutjireul anha
cha ane nameun ni hyanggie chwihae yeongyeong kkaego sipji anheungeol

ireojima jebal(jebal) tteonajima jebal(jebal)
dorawa (dorawa) dorawa (dorawa) niga tteonagan binjari wien chagaun hyanggiman nama

ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
dorawa(dorawa) dorawa(dorawa) nameun hyanggiman ango isseulge dorawa ni jariro


Music not flow side by side in line sitting car
You always had been holding in your left hand opening lips

Know you say you do not say it.
Don’t know why Don’t know why one minute one second want to attract more
Me hasten empty road

Around and came back in front of your house or get used to me with tears,
Day came blinded by the way I’m missing out here

Do not do this, please, please do not leave
Don’t know why Don’t know why beyond the windows, no rain coming
Cloudy away from you

Be easy, did you send a horse like that.
Do not see ’em off Obama turns around and you go off on me.
Now wipe the tears gave a handkerchief in your pocket that you’ll have to write now discarded whether
Why is vibration going down Not

My body michincheok even tried to kill you and me, do not listen
Taken 00 the scent left in the car I did not want to wake up

Please do not do this (Please) Please do not leave (please)
Gone back (back), come back (come back) You vacancies remain cold scent RMB

Do not do this, please, please do not leave
Do you come back come back (back) (come back), only the remaining scent be holding something back into place

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